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Scandic best at sleep – Sweden’s first sleep rooms launched

Press release   •   Oct 08, 2013 07:55 BST

When hotel guests are asked to name the most important thing about their hotel experience, sleep comes high on the list, according to a recent survey. But the wrong kind of bed, being kept awake by noise, or woken up by light can all ruin a good night’s sleep. This is why, in October, Scandic is launching special sleep rooms with a completely new bed innovation in which business travellers, parents, dormice, and everyone else can rest assured that they will get a really good night’s sleep.

Keeping all the balls in the air, stressful jobs and living up to all the high demands made of us are a regular feature of many people’s lives. And although we all know that sleep is vital to our wellbeing and performance, we don’t always get the quality sleep we need. With this in mind, in October Scandic is launching Sweden’s first sleep rooms – rooms specially designed to offer tired guests the best night’s sleep in a hotel in the world.

“We have many different types of guest who set great store by a really good night’s sleep for different reasons. Our new sleep rooms mean everyone from parents desperate for a night of uninterrupted rest to business travellers who need to be refreshed for the working day ahead get everything they need to sleep really well,” says Marie-Therese Helmertz, Brand Director Scandic.

New Swedish bed innovation in sleep rooms
To ensure that the optimum conditions for a really good night’s sleep are in place, Scandic Superior Sleep rooms come with a completely new Swedish invention – You Bed, the world’s first bed that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences when it comes to bed comfort. Using a hand-held control the guest gets to decide how hard or soft the mattress is.

“Everyone has their own opinion about what a comfortable bed should be like. While some people sleep best in a very soft bed, the same bed might ruin someone else’s night. You Bed is based on a unique Swedish invention which, for the first time, allows users to decide for themselves how hard or soft they want their mattress to be. You could say it’s like letting the guest bring their favourite bed to the hotel,” says You Bed CEO Mattias Sörensen.

The sleep rooms come with everything you need for a good night’s sleep. They are located a long way from the lifts and have extra thick blackout curtains so that guests aren’t woken by daylight. Every room also has a special sleep kit with ear plugs, a sleep mask, camomile tea and the option of relaxing music. The sleep rooms also have a later checkout time than ordinary rooms for guests who want a really long lie in.

Survey results show a good night’s sleep is high on the wish list
The bed came at the top of the list when respondents in a recent survey were asked to rank the most important elements in a good hotel stay. Ninety percent of respondents answered that when staying at a hotel the bed was one of the most important things, followed by a good breakfast and friendly staff. Sleep is not just important for our wellbeing, it also affects how we perform the next day. Nine out of ten of people surveyed answered that they perform worse at work after sleeping badly. Poor sleep can also make people irritable. Being disturbed by noise, closely followed by an uncomfortable bed are the things that irritated hotel guests the most. These came in much further ahead of common irritations such as a poor internet connection, or being unhappy with the breakfast or the view.

From October onwards sleep rooms can be booked at about ten Scandic hotels across Sweden.

Bed more important than the internet – what matters to hotel guests

1. Comfortable bed
2. Good breakfast
3. Friendly staff
4. Peace and quiet
5. Internet access

For more information, please contact:
Marie-Therese Helmertz, Brand Director Scandic
E-mail:, phone: +46 709-73 50 17

About the survey:
A quantitative survey was carried out among Scandic Friends members. A total of 594 interviews were carried out in the period 3–6 September 2013. Data was collected by digital questionnaires distributed by e-mail.

YOU BED is the world’s first bed that can be adjusted to the guest’s personal comfort preferences. The sprung mattress (double pocket spring) is easily adjusted using a hand-held control – from extra hard to extra soft. You can even fine-tune different parts of the bed separately (shoulder and hip areas) to obtain the perfect comfort setting. A display on the control shows two scales showing the combined firmness of the mattress. This gives every guest their own comfort profile which can easily be retrieved on their next visit. Whatever your height, weight or body shape and whatever position you like to sleep in, YOU BED is always YOUR BED. The YOU BED bed is based on a Swedish innovation patented worldwide.

Every day, Scandic’s 7,500 team members work with one single goal in mind – to make you feel welcome. As the Nordic region’s most sustainable hotel chain we’re always focused on the environment, social responsibility and accessibility. With around 160 hotels in eight countries, 30,000 hotel rooms and a turnover of EUR 923 million, Scandic is the largest hotel chain in the Nordic countries. We want to be more than just a hotel – Scandic is a place where people meet, work and get inspired.

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